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Research Progress on Laser Cladding

Date:2016-05-04 14:34:41  Hits:1959

      Laser cladding technology is the 20th century, 70 years of development with the rise of high-power lasers, a new surface modification technology refers to the laser surface cladding technique is the laser beam under the action of the alloy powder or ceramic powder and the substrate surface, the rapid heating and melting, the beam after removal of the formation of self-excited cooled dilution rate is very low, and the substrate material was metallurgical bonding surface coating, which significantly improved the base surface wear, corrosion, heat, anti-oxidation and electrical characteristics, etc. a surface hardening method . In case of 60 # carbon steel laser cladding of tungsten, the hardness of up to 2200HV more wear resistance of the matrix 60 # steel about 20 times. The surface of Q235 steel alloy laser cladding CoCrSiB, will be its wear resistance and corrosion resistance of flame spraying were compared and found that the corrosion resistance of the former was significantly higher than the latter . 
  Laser cladding technology is a highly cost-effective new technologies, it can be prepared by low-cost metal substrates without affecting the performance of the alloy surface the nature of the matrix, reduce costs, save precious metals materials, therefore, the world's The industrially advanced countries of the laser cladding technology research and application of very great importance . 

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