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Shanghai Global Fusion Materials Technology Co. Ltd. is a materials company built on advanced technology with continuous renovation in alloy design, production process, quality control, and application methods.

The main products are nickel-, cobalt-, iron-based alloy powders in addition to stainless steel powders and tungsten carbide powders. The products are widely used in oxyaccetylene spraying, high velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) spraying, plasma transferred arc (PTA) overlaying, laser cladding, induction overlaying, powder metallurgical processes, injection molding, centrifugal casting, as well as 3D printing. In addition, the company also supplies wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant products, such as, alloy cast rods, hardfacing tubular wires, and hardfaced or special alloy products. These products are widely used in a variety of industries, such as, automotive, railway, aerospace, oil drilling, petrochemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding, mining, machinery, internal combustion, plastics production, glass molds, tooling, etc.

The company is also a dealer/distributor of welding consumables for several well-known domestic and international companies/brands, such as, SMC, TECHALLOY, AVESTA, BOHLER THYSSEN, KOBE STEEL, WEL (Japan), Tokuden (Japan) and Pacific Welding. These welding consumables are mainly used in TIG (GTAW) weld overlaying, MIG (GMAW)/TIG welding, submerged arc weld overlaying, manual arc welding. The involved applications include overlaying on valves to resist seawater corrosion and various parts to resist corrosion in oil and petrochemical industries.

To ensure product quality, the company follows strict internal quality assurance procedures and specifications. Continuous improvement is on-going under the principle of “P-D-C-A”. The advanced quality control equipment used includes ThermoFisher ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) spectrometer, LECO nitrogen/oxygen analyzer, Malvern laser particle analyzer, Zeiss metallographic microscope. The company employs a well equipped laboratory capable of accurate and timely analysis of both raw materials and products to ensure quality.

The company is based on the principle of “conscience、consideraion、concentration” to honestly treat all customers' demands. It seeks to effectively communicate and cooperate with all customers!

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